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  • back-handed — adj ambiguous, double edged, two edged, indirect, oblique, dubious, equivocal, ironic, sarcastic, sardonic ≠ sincere, wholehearted …   Useful english dictionary

  • back-handed compliment —  Same as left handed compliment …   A concise dictionary of English slang

  • back-handed rope — noun see left handed rope …   Useful english dictionary

  • (a) back-handed compliment — British, American & Australian, American a remark which seems approving but which is also negative. He gave me that classic back handed compliment. He said I played football very well for a woman …   New idioms dictionary

  • Back body drop — Liste de prises de catch Les prises de catch sont des mouvements qui consistent principalement à projeter un adversaire au catch. Ces techniques de catch sont aussi appelées Power moves. Sommaire 1 Armbreaker 2 Atomic Drop 3 Back Body Drop …   Wikipédia en Français

  • -handed — adj. (in comb.) 1 for or involving a specified number of hands (in various senses) (two handed). 2 using chiefly the hand specified (left handed). Derivatives: handedly adv. handedness n. (both in sense 2). * * * handed, combining form. 1. using… …   Useful english dictionary

  • back — I [[t]bæ̱k[/t]] ADVERB USES ♦ (In addition to the uses shown below, back is also used in phrasal verbs such as date back and fall back on .) 1) ADV: ADV after v, oft ADV prep If you move back, you move in the opposite direction to the one in… …   English dictionary

  • Back foot contact — In the sport of cricket, back foot contact is position of the bowler at the instant when the back foot lands on the ground just prior to delivering the ball. For a right handed bowler, the back foot is normally the right foot.An alternative name… …   Wikipedia

  • Back walkover — acro dancerA back walkover is a gymnastic maneuver in which a person transitions from a standing position to a gymnastic back bridge and then back to a standing position again, undergoing one complete rotation of the body in the process. Back… …   Wikipedia

  • Back suplex — Suplex Un suplex est un mouvement au catch et à la lutte. En français, suplex veut dire « souplesse ». C est une des prises les plus utilisées au catch. Un suplex consiste à projeter l adversaire à terre sur le dos, le cou ou les… …   Wikipédia en Français

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